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Thursday, 01 September 2011


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Diana Triplett

I'm so excited for Aubrietta and your family! I look forward to reading your updates and seeing photos of your adventure!!


Heather, Angie sent me this link. Absolutely fabulous! Let me know if you change your mind and come to Germany as well .-)
Best of luck and tons of fun!



You have no idea how much I enjoyed reading and watching all the pictures!!! Like always i learned so much from you. Enjoy the trip . Give a big hug to the girls from Francisco and Ana Lucia.
See you in August!!


So exciting!! Just found your blog!! Where are you now? We are moving to Scotland in a few months, currently we're in Thailand.


I got the link here from the long comment you left on my "Lee-Reid Family Travels" blog. Now you have me hooked! I'm working my way through your trip. It brings back so many nice memories for me. I want to return to Iceland again soon. Your family looks beautiful and I admire all the effort you put in to making this trip happen for yourselves and your girls. They will remember it forever.


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