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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Karen Lyn

Hi, I am curious what happened with these kittens? I've been following the progress of Corky, crooked legged kitten in Fargo, after his surgery. I hope your kittens fared as well.

Heather of Washington State, USA

Hi Karen -- the kittens were born this way -- the vet suggests it is a congenital defect since both kittens have it, and they are also both missing their radius bones, plus some toes. I hope these two, but especially the girl kitten, get corrective surgery someday, since they are basically walking on the bend of their elbows -- not a place designed for walking! The vets won't consider surgery until after they have finished growing.

Αμαρα Παύλος

Two of my kittens were born this way. They walk perfectly fine adn run and jump as if nothing is wrong. I kept them and they are almost a year old now. They are the sweetest kittens ever.

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