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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


ginger atkinson

I love your pics in the snow. We are wishing for some here in NC.
I was wondering what kind of camera and lense(es) you shoot with, as well as flash for indoor.

Thanks and happy photographing!


Joyce Gotsch

I too was wondering what kind of camera etc...you are using. Your pictures are great -- I'm sure a great deal of it has to do with your ability to take "interesting" pictures -- You're doing a terrific job documenting your children's lives--I applaud you! They will cherish all your hard work when they are older. I found your page by accident looking for photo organization tips on Google. Unfortunately--I'm one of the ones w/shoe boxes full of pictures. Our 3 boys are all grown, married some w/children etc.... what seems to be a daunting task ahead of me -- but I find a great deal of instpiration in looking at your site and some great suggestions. Thanks -- better get busy --- I'm determined to at least stay current w/the grandbabies! BUT -- would like to know about the camera as I am looking at getting a new one soon. Thanks!

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