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Friday, February 02, 2007



Oh. My. Word. Awesome.


WOW! What a system!

Kimberly L.C.

Holy moly... I'm completely amazed! I guess those old paper shipping boxes with piles of photos rubber banded together isn't as organized as I thought ;-). Thanks for sharing!


HOLY GUACAMOLE! This is so great!
Thanks for the inspiration! :)

April Kelley

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with us. You've done a great job! I'm passing this information on to my friends.


WOW!!!!!! Thank you, I have been racking my brain thinking of what I could do. I haven't been scrapbooking as much and thought about putting some photos in a regular album (shhhh...don't tell my scrapin friends that one, lol). THanks for the ideas.


I am so glad to see that others are crazy for organization! However, I am thinking about going digital. I just had my 3rd little blessing and scrapbooking is crazy with a colic baby. My main question is how does the printing work. Do you buy an expensive printer for 12 x 12 albums or do you print them on line somewhere. I would love to know is it more expensive to go digi or keep traditional? Thanks for all your displays...WOW!


I bow down to the organizing QUEEN!! You are amazing. You have inspired me to start organizing the many photos I have in many, many different boxes.
Thank you,


bravo ..i aspire to be so organize......
your totally incredible....great work


Wow!!! You are an inspiration. Your girls are just beautiful.
May God bless you abundantly. I love your openess, honesty,
humor. You are the most healthy minded young woman, Mom, etc.
Your day to day journaling is heartwarming, and your photography is wonderful.

I found a great organized system for my pictures and cd's, thanks to you, and may God just touch your heart and heal it completely.

Cathy Susinno


Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :D


I came across your photo system and I have been looking for months to tackle baskets of family photos. I am in aw at how beautiful your system is. I envy as well how you kept journals for your children of all the special moments. You are a wonderful mother! Great job on all this effort in preserving so many lovley photos and moments that your family will treasure for many years together.
Renee Brown- Mama to four

Ginger Atkinson

Hey there,
You are inspiring many, many people!!
I was just wondering what type of notebooks our binders you used to store your photos. The pic with the shelf with the 6 years of photos...

Please be specific and maybe tell me where I could find them... I'm a novice!

Many thanks,


absolutely amazing. I wish I had your diligence. I will get there. Thanks for sharing your system.

Butterfly Gail

That's an amazing system!! I really like the idea of the CD holder, too! I just posted a link on my blog since it's such a great looking system, I wanted to share!

Butterfly Gail

That's an amazing system!! I really like the idea of the CD holder, too! I just posted a link on my blog since it's such a great looking system, I wanted to share!

Butterfly Gail

That's an amazing system!! I really like the idea of the CD holder, too! I just posted a link on my blog since it's such a great looking system, I wanted to share!


TERRIFIC advice for organizing ...and thanks for the PHOTOS so we can see what it all looks like! I have some level of organization, and you just filled in the cracks for me! THANKS SO MUCH!


LOVE this system, maybe I can finally get it all organized with this kind detailed template!
1 question - the box in the first picture are these the regular size photo boxes they have for sale at Michaels and AC Moore? I want to make sure the 5x7 sleves fit.

Thanks so much for sharing, I think you just took a lot of guess work out of a lot of peoples minds.


I just wanted to tell you how absolutely helpful this post is! I have been trying to figure out how to get all my stuff organized, but just couldn't quite figure it out....and wanted to have a system that I thought I would actually use. This looks perfect and I have already ordered a bunch of products to get me started. I wanted to let you know that I also found this product through Pioneer that will allow you to store 2 disks on the front and an 81/2x11 sheet on the back...I think it's a great product and will allow me to store my pictures with the contact sheet all in one place. http://www.pfile.com/cgi/cart.cgi?db=stuff.dat&search=Item+F-CDCP-3&method=phrase

Kate Beeman

Do you work outside the home? Your photos are more organized than my whole classroom! Which, not to brag, is pretty darned orderly. I'm impressed and jealous and stealing some ideas :)


where can you find the pioneer photo holders???? are they similar to these?


I am amazed at your organization. Wish I had been so organized as my kids were growing up. Now I work in a library and organization is my goal. Awesome.


Wow. You are my hero.

Trisha A.

Incredible organization! I have two children under 2 and want to start scrapping...all my pictures are currently on the computer. Would you suggest printing them all out and organizing a file system, or uploading them onto CD's and only printing the ones I want to include in my books? I need to get started soon, but it is so overwhelming...I don't know where to begin!

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