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Friday, February 02, 2007



This is AWESOME.


I'm overwhelmed by your system, and feel so inadequate! So amazing to see someone so organized---it's inspirational! Good job!


Sorry, forgot to ask---where do you get those great plastic sleeves shown in your first 2 photos?

Heather in Washington State, USA

I got the plastic sleeves here:



WOW - this is absolutely amazing!! I am speechless at how well organized you are!! Amazing!!


I so want to be you! Awesome organization.


Holy crap, thats organization at its best! I'm really jealous.


All I can say is WOW! You are so incredibly organized. This looks awesome! Want to come do mine now?? hehe


Great job! Thanks for sharing. I have two questions. First, what is the difference in the photos in the boxes and sleeves in the first two photos and the ones in the 3 up albums (that are discontinued)? Are they just copies or different ones? Also, what is the name or where can you get the ones by Pioneer that are similar to the albums that are discontinued? Thanks so much! I have been working on organizing some of my photos too.


Wow you have really inspired me to get organized with my pictures. You don't even want to see how my photos are stored right now. :oP


Wow! Wow! This is great! I have thought about being that organized! I am so not organized. I started scrapbooking when my kids where already teeagers...sadly I only took pics of special occasions when the kids were young. I really wish I had taken more pics when they were little. I have tons of pics now and will never get them all scrapbooked. I have a friend who journals like you. She has a notebook for every child and tries to write in each at least once a month. You have a great system that has require much diligence on your part! Someday your family is really going to appreciate all your hard work! Becky


You would just die if you say my organizational system. Oh wait- I do not have one. Very jealous. Your ideas are great! Wish I had started with something 8 years ago.


Heather in Washington State, USA

Answers to Denise's questions:

1. The photos in the boxes are ones I know I'll want to scrap, extras for making cards, etc. The ones in the 3-up albums are arranged in an orderly fashion for viewing. If I have 40 photos from a birthday party, I'll maybe scrap the best 8, put another 6 to 12 in the 3-up albums, and have the rest in the box to use for thank-you notes, kid's crafts, small theme albums, etc.

2. Here's where I get the pioneer 3-up albums since I can't get them from Porta-view anymore:


Hi iwent to the site could you tell me the Item #-I want to get the photo sleeves that hold a pack of pictures.Shipping makes it high and I don't want to risk ordering the wrong ones Thanks

Heather in Washington State, USA


I get item #020100B 100 Protectors to fit 5" x 7" prints

I get that size so I can stuff a stack of 4x6 in there comfortably.

I usually get 5 packs (500) at a time, along with some other supplies, to help offset the shipping costs. It's amazing how quickly you can run through 100 sleeves when you have years worth of prints to sort!


Thanks so much I am off to order!
You have really inspired me!

Jamie Reeves

ok... WOW!!!

Kathy Pitt

I just love your organisation, it wold certainly make scrapping so much easier.


wow... that is dedication!!! way to go


I loved your sense of organization. wanted to ask about your albums for your kids. You mention an album per child. I have the same with several kids. But what I find very time consuming is making three of so many things - - the Easter bunny visit, Halloween, Xmas etc. Things which were important for each child (such as how they look opening Xmas presents) but I seem to then scrap three times. Any suggestions???


All I can say is wow. You are so dedicated. That would take me years to do. Thanks for some great tips though.


WOW... great tips! It really is a wonderful system. I envy your dedication! Thank you so much for sharing it!

anne-marie tribbett

Awesome organization and so inspiring!! Do you burn your own CD's or use Costco's as your backup? When you upload to Costco do you upload the slow way instead of the quick upload? I was doing the quick upload and couldn't figure out why I could get more pictures on my costco CD than when I burned them myself. Figured out I was uploading small files. Thanks so much for sharing!!


Do you have a system for mail? Awesome system. Awe to be that organized.


Incredible system you have. I aspire to have a system just like you. One day, I hope.

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