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Thursday, February 01, 2007




My house was wallpapered too. Fortunately the people who owned it before us redid some of it. But I had to look at some really bad paper in the kitchen. When we bought the house I though we could live with it for a while but then obsession took over one day. The first week in the house I started picking at the paper when I was on the phone- before I knew it I had started a project. The sure did use some fabulous glue back then. Good luck!! It's hard work but worth it in the end to have some fabulously painted walls.



A friend and I removed some LOVELY green geometric 70s wall paper from her 'feature wall'... We found spray bottles (simple squeeze bottles) of water.. spraying and really soaking it.. Worked really well! We ripped the whole lot down in about 2 hours.. previously we had spent days and got one corner.

My other fav was repainting her iron balcony rails. We laughed alot over those 3!! days.

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