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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Jodie Simpfendorfer

You seem to have a very similar system to me in regards to oranganisation. The only difference being that I can't quite come to terms with having the leftovers in my regular photo albums. ie get 1 set printed, scrap the best ones and put the rest in albums. You seem to be quite chronologically minded like me and i'm just wondering why you don't put them all in albums. I'm posting this here because I would love to know what you ended up doing with the rest of your photos you took on your trip?!! I just can't rest easy until i come up with a way of managing all the photos i take (500+/month). Do you delete a lot, how do you choose what to print?? No one seems to understand my dilemma and after seeing your blog, i thought you could share your thoughts. It would be SO MUCH appreciated. I want to stop spending time working out how to organise, and actually do it and hopefully have time to scrap as well. Unfortunately my mind is one that like everything to be organised before i can start work, IYKWIM!
Also, I have just started a blog as a way of recording all the precious moments and things about the kids but I just seem like I am doubling up all the time. Do you feel like this??

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